We have the following models on our kayak rental.

K1 (single kayak):
Prijon Seayak 500
Prijon Seayak 490
Prijon Seatron GT
Prijon Touryak 500
Prion Grizzly
Prijon Marlin Prilite
Prijon Marlin Prilite LV
WK 500
WK 540

K2 (double kayak):
Prijon Poseidon/Excursion
Boreal design Esperanto

You can see all models in our booking system and can also make your booking there:

It is difficult to get hold of drinking water out in the archipelago. Therefore, you need to plan to bring the water you need during the kayak trip right from the start. It is fine to fill up with water at our place. There is drinking water in the taps on the piers and we also have toilets where you can fill up. You need to bring water cans and water bottles with you. We have some 5 liter cans to borrow, but these cannot be booked but can only be borrowed if they are available.

Yes, it is fine to leave bags with us when you are out paddling. We lock the bags in our containers. However, it is important to know that Dalarö Kayak does not take responsibility for the bags, but they are left at your own risk. Never leave valuables in the bags.

We open at 09:00 every day.
If you have booked the kayak from the morning (at 09:00), it is fine to pick up the kayak when you want after 9. We are open all day, so if you want to pick up the kayak at 10 or maybe even later, that is also fine. If you arrive later than 12:00, we appreciate that you let us know so we know.

We close at 17:00 every day.
If you have booked the kayak from the afternoon (at 5:00 p.m.), you need to arrive around 4:15-4:30 p.m. to pick up your kayak.