Daytrips with kayak in Stockholm Archipelago – self guided

Make a fantastic day trip in the magically beautiful archipelago outside Dalarö!

Rent a kayak and go on a self guided exciting and relaxing day trip. In the archipelago outside Dalarö there are many beautiful uninhabited islands that you can kayak to. Already after about 20 minutes of kayaking you will reach desert islands, for example Rågholmen, a small uninhabited island with a beach and a beautiful view over Dalarö. Here you can cool down with a swim in the sea or perhaps enjoy a coffee before continuing your kayak trip. The possibilities and the islands are many. A map is included in the rental and we are more than happy to help you with a suitable tour according to your wishes.

Our kayaks and equipment are of the highest quality and of course we help you with instructions so that you get away safely!

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Popular on day trips:

  • Kayak to an uninhabited island for a swim and a picnic.
  • Make your own tour among all the islands, we will help you to plan the appropriate tour that suits your group and wishes.
  • Kayak one of our recommended day trips of approx. 15-20 km and experience a fantastic nature, many small islands to stop at, beautiful cliffs and narrow passages.
  • Kayak to idyllic Kymendö (about 2 hours of kayaking) and have lunch at a restaurant: Restaurang Carlssons bakficka.
  • Kayak to Kymendö and “Walk in Strindberg’s footsteps”. The famous Swedish writer August Strindberg drew inspiration for his novel Hemsöborna when he lived on Kymendö. There is also Strindberg’s printer’s cottage here, which you can visit.
  • Stop at the beautiful Dalarö Skans. An awesome fortress built in the 1650s that is located on its own small exciting island.
  • Buy lunch from Dalarö Bakery to bring on your tour.

After the kayak tour:

  • Take a shower and enjoy a lovely sauna in the harbor.
  • Take a walk and visit cozy Dalarö village. There are several nice restaurants and a bakery.
  • Play mini golf in the harbor at Dalarö Kajak.
  • Buy an ice cream and relax after an exciting day.
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner or a beer at the popular Solsidan restaurant located in the harbor at Dalarö Kajak.
  • Swim and relax at the nice beach at Schweizerbadet.