There are many good camp sites on the beautiful and uninhabited islands in the archipelago outside Dalarö. Already after 20 minutes of paddling you reach islands where you can camp. If you paddle further out, there are lots of possibilities. There are also several islands where you can put up many tents if you are a large group. We will gladly help you with the map and show you good camp sites before you start. If you don’t want to camp, it is possible to book other forms of accommodation. See suggestions below.
You can also choose to book one of our tours with accommodation

HostelsTime to paddle Possible for conference
1Dalarö vandrarhemvalfrittNo
2Fjärdlång vandrarhemca 4 hYes
3Huvudskär vandrarhemca 6 h Yes
4Rögrund vandrarhemca 3 h Yes
5Ekuddens vandrarhemca 5 h Yes
6Horsfjärdens vandrarhemca 5 h Yes
7Gålö havsbadca 2 h Yes
CottagesTime to paddle Possible for conference
8Ornö båtvarvca 4 hNo
9Gålö Havsbadca 2 hNo
10Boende Ornöca 4 hNo
11Sälstationenca 3,5 hYes
14Stugor Nämdöca 5 hNo
HotellTime to paddle Possible for conference
12Smådalarö Gårdca 2 hYes
13Ornö skärgårdshotellca 4 hNo